Coco Perez, Lead Pastor
work: 916-371-3458
Let me introduce myself. My name is Claude J. Perez, although I am better known as "Pastor Coco." I’ve been the senior pastor of Horizon Christian Fellowship since it opened its doors in 1995. I was born and raised in West Sacramento , about a mile from where the church stands today. I attended grammar school here, as well as being involved in local sports teams until I graduated from high school with the class of ’72.

For thirteen years I was a youth pastor in both southern and northern California areas. I currently reside in Sacramento with my wife, Lynn, and youngest of two sons, Zachariah. My older son, Jarus, is currently serving in the U.S. Army, having just completed a tour in Afghanistan.  

My dream as a young man was to become a successful rock musician. So, with great passion I pursued my goal until God changed my life in 1972. Since then I have been teaching the life-changing power of Jesus to young people and adults all over America and the world. For five years of my life I dedicated myself to teach, train, and lead teams of believers around the world to do humanitarian work, drama, and music. However, my genuine concern is for America and my own city.