Women's Ministries

At Horizon Christian Fellowship, all women will be challenged 2B REAL...
Reaching & Relating:  We'll reach women for Christ.  But, we'll go beyond just reaching women and relate to them in an authentic setting.
Encouraging & Equipping:  We'll encourage every woman so that she can discover her unique gifts and then we'll equip her to be a powerful influence in her circle for Christ.
Accepting & Advancing:  We'll remember to accept every woman exactly where she is at, and then champion her to advance through the next door that God wants her to walk through.
Listening & Leading:  We'll stop talking and start listening.  We'll remember that when we are leading, we must look back and listen to be sure others are still following.
To meet the challenge to be REAL, we offer several opportunities to fellowship, grow, and just be.  Through small group efforts, we strive to meet the needs of ladies in their personal season of life.  Through larger, organized activities we work to bring each generation together to become the women that God has called us to be for our community and world!
We invite you to be a part of our fellowship and fun - for more information on Women's Ministries and our activities, please contact Pastor Lynn Perez at (916) 371-3458.